Graphene (Graphene) is a carbon atom with sp2 hybrid orbitals composed of hexagonal honeycomb lattice form a two-dimensional film , there is only one carbon atom thick (0.335nm). In 2004, University of Manchester physicists Andre • • Anaheim and Konstantin Novoselov first isolated from graphite crystals of graphene and found their unique physical properties , to develop the two-dimensional material research , shared the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics .

Graphene is currently the world's thinnest it is also the hardest nanomaterials , it is almost completely transparent , absorbed only 2.3% of the light ; thermal conductivity of up to 5300 W / m • K, higher than the carbon nanotubes and diamond , which at room temperature electron transfer rate of more than 15000 cm2 / V • s, off than carbon nanotubes or silicon single crystal high, and resistivity only about 10-6 Ω • cm, less than copper or silver , is currently the world's lowest resistivity material. Because of its low resistivity , fast electron transport , therefore can be used to develop a look thinner , faster generation of electronic conductive element . Since the graphene and the good is essentially a transparent conductor , are also suitable for manufacturing a transparent touch screen , OLED display panels and solar cells. Graphene has a high specific surface area of the powder in the storage device , such as having a super capacitor of high value and a lithium ion battery .