Xiamen G-CVD Material Technology co., Ltd is a leading graphene company that offers professional CVD equipments for graphene synthesis. We supply G-CVD equipments for both academic research and industrial applications (require mass production). Our company also supplies graphene for industrial and research needs through novel synthesis and transfer process. Despite of the production and sale of G-CVD system, we have made great efforts to explore and develop relevant application technology on the basis of graphene materials.

Our company has the top R&D team, and has made ground-breaking work in the preparation and applications of graphene materials, including material synthesis equipment, synthesis, transfer, doping and paterning, etc. By addressing worldwide issues from production to product, the event will provide a unique opportunity to drive development in this new technology space. Xiamen G-CVD Material Technology co., Ltd is an open company that willing to share our experience and knowledge with customers, to promote the industrialization of graphene based materials. We believe that, the success of the continuous innovation of the technology will create our future.